Hhhhhh I really love your FE:A stuff, your art style is adorable!!

lkjskgj thank you very much! your art style is supah cute i like it /////

Hi! Can you do a little tutorial of how do you draw faces?

Hello too Anon-san

can’t call this a tutorial tho….image

yeah, something like that…..i hope it helps somehow (?)


mamura is easier to draw than shishio ahaha

your art looks so cute! i cannot believe it you are from Indonesia! ;w; you watch the five yen guy too? AWESOME!

aaa thanks anon-san! ahahah yes, i am. are you from indonesia too? who are you?? /slap  the mangaka is one of my favorite and the animation is rly good, so yes i watch the show <3

do you think you could make more hirunaka no ryuusei fanart? your art is so lovely! >//<

i think i will draw some in the future, i can’t draw everyday bc uni is getting busier hehe but thank you anon-san ^^

tutorial on how to draw hair?? *///* I always have trouble on how to make the hair look so natural >.< I love your art!~

i’m still learning too and….i’m not good at giving tutorials….i won’t call this a tutorial wwww image

uhh….hope this helps…somehow….im sorry and thank you ;w;


here, have some Iki Hiyori

woah i just saw your gintama drawing and it was spectacular you have a really nice art style c:

aaaa thanks anon-san ^^

Will you be doing anything for rivamika week next month

i think i’ll draw some fanarts for rivamika week anon-san


jlkjklsgf thank you ;w; 

first drawing in 2014~

drew Gintama because the movie was awesome ^^ i cried a lot

Happy new year! Your HnR drawings are adorable *u*

Happy (late) new year too! hehe

thank you very much ^^

Merry Christmas!! You and your art are lovely~ Hope all your wishes come true ^^

well, i dont celebrate it but….thank you! i hope all your wishes come true too!

Ur drawing is FDJHSFKSGEUF AHH amazing !! Beautiful!! <3

thank you anon-san ;w;/

Thank you for all the Rivamike >w<

you mean rivamika, right? uheheh you’re welcome ^^

Hi! I just wanted to say that I think your art is really cute!! Hope you have a great day/night!! c:

thank you ;w;/ i hope you have a great day too!

OMG YOUR ARTS ATE SO CUTE. Your Mazume art is too cute. I think I'll die from it's cuteness soon xD you have to make more if you caaan~ ♥

thank you very much!! ;w; tbh i’m more of a shizume shipper, but i think i’ll draw some mazume too later