I’m really sorry for the very very late answers and sorry for the very long hiatus too :(

1.thank you very much (i’m sorry for not posting any arts atm) but i’ll do my best to draw again!

2. Yup, always waiting for the next chapter to come out. I was hoping they would sell HnR in my country someday :( about who she was going to end with, at first i thought she would be together w/ shishio (because of the “daytime shotting star” thing) . But nope. she’ Mamura’s girlfriend now, and they look good together, yup. still hoping shizume to happen tho wwww

3.thank you for telling me ^^; which one was reposted?

4 i don’t take request atm but thanks for the request tho ^^

5. iya dari indonesia, kamu siapaaaa aaa makasih yaa! omg suka shizume juga? /toss mari berteman o<-<

6. thank you very muuuch!!!

7&9. i hope this would help you! http://i-c-21.tumblr.com/post/62900229095/how-can-you-color-so-fast-ahh-i-love-your-drawings

8&10. thank you for taking your time to visit my blog! (i would really like to know who you are and to visit your blog ^^ )

11.i don’t take request atm, i’m sorry :( but thanks for the request

Hhhhhh I really love your FE:A stuff, your art style is adorable!!

lkjskgj thank you very much! your art style is supah cute i like it /////

Hi! Can you do a little tutorial of how do you draw faces?

Hello too Anon-san

can’t call this a tutorial tho….image

yeah, something like that…..i hope it helps somehow (?)


mamura is easier to draw than shishio ahaha

your art looks so cute! i cannot believe it you are from Indonesia! ;w; you watch the five yen guy too? AWESOME!

aaa thanks anon-san! ahahah yes, i am. are you from indonesia too? who are you?? /slap  the mangaka is one of my favorite and the animation is rly good, so yes i watch the show <3

do you think you could make more hirunaka no ryuusei fanart? your art is so lovely! >//<

i think i will draw some in the future, i can’t draw everyday bc uni is getting busier hehe but thank you anon-san ^^

tutorial on how to draw hair?? *///* I always have trouble on how to make the hair look so natural >.< I love your art!~

i’m still learning too and….i’m not good at giving tutorials….i won’t call this a tutorial wwww image

uhh….hope this helps…somehow….im sorry and thank you ;w;


here, have some Iki Hiyori

woah i just saw your gintama drawing and it was spectacular you have a really nice art style c:

aaaa thanks anon-san ^^

Will you be doing anything for rivamika week next month

i think i’ll draw some fanarts for rivamika week anon-san


jlkjklsgf thank you ;w; 

first drawing in 2014~

drew Gintama because the movie was awesome ^^ i cried a lot

Happy new year! Your HnR drawings are adorable *u*

Happy (late) new year too! hehe

thank you very much ^^

Merry Christmas!! You and your art are lovely~ Hope all your wishes come true ^^

well, i dont celebrate it but….thank you! i hope all your wishes come true too!

Ur drawing is FDJHSFKSGEUF AHH amazing !! Beautiful!! <3

thank you anon-san ;w;/

Thank you for all the Rivamike >w<

you mean rivamika, right? uheheh you’re welcome ^^

Hi! I just wanted to say that I think your art is really cute!! Hope you have a great day/night!! c:

thank you ;w;/ i hope you have a great day too!